15 Reasons Why Hollywood Has Dropped Jessica Alba and Wont Cast Her Anymore


Hollywood has a habit of jilting actors and actresses for a number of reasons. You might have read how they dropped Charlize Theron and now it’s Jessica Alba. Alba at one time was Hollywood’s golden girl who everyone wanted to watch on the silver screen. People thought she would become the next superstar of Hollywood. But instead of making it big she just disappeared from the movie and we haven’t seen her ever since. Here are 15 reasons why Hollywood dropped Jessica Alba.

1. She didn’t marry a Hollywood star

Alba seems did not have a penchant for the limelight neither did she socialize much which could be the reason why she never got much publicity. Moreover, Alba didn’t marry a star but an ordinary hunk. Without a star-studded wedding, the paparazzi won’t pay much attention and so she settled down to a regular life with Hubby Cash Warren.

2. Nobody remembers her

Alba had several films to her credit like Into the Blue and The mechanic Resurrection but how many remember them? One can’t really recall a good role she was known for except a few romcoms that did not enhance her career. Even her role in Sin City alongside several stars did not do much for her fame. She might have looked stunning but that wasn’t enough to keep her in the mind of directors and producers. 

3. She could not land any good roles

It is a shocking fact that Jessica Alba was not considered for many roles because of her looks. Hollywood has a dirty habit of expecting too much from their woman stars. As a result Alba did not get much of a choice of roles that could pivot her to stardom. The weird fact is that though many fans would swear blind by the starlets beautiful looks, Hollywood thinks otherwise where shallow minds rule the roost in making or breaking a star’s career.

4. Because she acted in the sequel for of fantastic four

Many in Hollywood believe that the main reason for Alba’s downfall was the sequel of the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Alba too feels likewise as she detested her role as Sue Storm in the sequel directed by Tim Story. The role did not give her room to shine through as an actress. Alba was reported to have said that the role made her want to quit acting altogether. She remarked after the film’s release “Am I not allowed to be a person in my work? And so I just said, ‘*ff it.’ I don’t care about this business anymore.”

5. Bad timing

Alba is a victim of Hollywood where she was unable to make the correct choices where roles were concerned. Moreover, she also kept a low key profile which made her miss out on several opportunities that could have propelled her career. The only thing she did right was working with Taylor Swift in her Bad Blood music video but that too was wrong timing. The video was made during the Kanye-Swift feud which resulted in less publicity.

6. She did not win an Oscar

Alba may be beautiful and a dream girl at that but Hollywood loves awards. Alba has never won an Oscar since she started acting and neither was she able to establish herself as a top earning star. Instead several of her roles were criticized by critics which didn’t do much for her career. 

7. She acted in Horror movies 

Alba failed to realize how cheeseball horror movies do nothing for women as they just portray them as scared bimbos who scream and run. Such films invariably flop at the box office like ‘Stunning Girl” which Alba acted in. When she first accepted as horror flick in 1999, she didn’t learn a lesson and went on to accept some more which seemed to have driven a nail into the coffin. Her role in the EYE turned out to be a horrible choice that pushed her career to rock bottom.

8. She did not want hot chick roles

Among reasons why Hollywood dropped Jessica Alba was that she was getting too many roles as a hot babe which she didn’t want. She started rejecting such roles and as a resulted got approached by fewer directors. As a result her roles were limited and we saw less and less of Alba. The mom of three kids always wanted to be in the limelight inspite of the main reason of her hot body and flawless skin but claiming she was over the “Babe” image didn’t do much for her popularity.

9. Her ethnicity

Although it’s 2018, Alba still faces ethnicity issues in Hollywood because of her ethnic roots with her father’s parents being of Mexican parentage. If you have noticed, most of the women winning Oscars in Hollywood are white, a category that Alba does not fall into because of her darker complexion. Alba knew her popularity in Hollywood had waned because of her identity. In fact after the flop horror flick The Eye, she made things worse for herself when she vocally expressed her opinions on Hollywood’s double standards.

10. Her Marvel movies were awkward

Marvel and super hero fans always expect a lot from the actors playing the characters in the films but unfortunately, Alba’s career did not rise with Marvel’s Fantastic Four. The film strangely did not accomplish the popularity of other Marvel Movies and Alba was stuck with bad luck as usual. Her character was a lackluster one and the movie itself was almost a flop. 

11. 0% rating for one of her movies

Critics have always been unkind with Alba considering her contribution to cinema as unrecognizable. Excepting her role in Sin City, every other role has been slammed by critics. Her film an Invisible sign was rated a 0 by critics where her role was bashed for being odd and inexpressive.

12.She wanted control

There are many actors who control their own careers and have been lucky and successful enough in doing so. They even control their roles, what they do on set and their acting but Alba has never had the privilege of achieving such things. For this reason Alba was rejected when she wanted to control her role. She has been successful in building her own business but where movie roles are concerned, she had voiced her disappointment many times over not getting roles of her choice.

13. The reason for her downfall

When she tried getting back into the limelight after An Invisible Sign, Alba made the mistake of taking on several poor roles like Machete Kills which proved how desperate she was in wanting work in films. It seemed The Machete was sharp enough to end her career big time with the one minute of screen time.

14. Her attempt at a comeback

One has to credit Alba with resilience in her constant attempts to make a comeback to films. She tried her hand at a rom-com in 2015 with Some Kind of beautiful but the role alongside Pierce Brosnan did nothing for her and never attracted the attention she wanted. Instead, the critics as usual loathed and slammed it. 

15. She changed her focus

The main reason why Hollywood has dropped Jessica Alba was that she herself had lost focus. Instead of concentrating on her career, she decided to try her hand at business and of course being a mother. At the time, it may have seemed like a wise move but it didn’t do anything for Alba’s Hollywood career. Hollywood has dropped her and it is going to be difficult making a real comeback.


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