Man Lives His Life Entirely As Domesticated Dog


Hobbies are as different as the faces of the people that have them. It can be an amazing thing to study how people treat their hobbies. For some, a hobby is an activity that helps them unwind from a tough day at work. For some others, a hobby can be a source of income such as photography. However, some other people treat their hobbies as obsessions. It rather becomes a way of life than a hobby when they can be seen indulging themselves at all times.

As for the hobbies themselves, some of them become a source of income while others have the ability to change a person totally. Apart from the common hobbies around such as golfing, cooking, reading, dancing, swimming, playing chess and many more, some people develop weird hobbies that would leave others surprised but then we aren’t in control of what people do.

1. This man’s hobby includes dressing up as a Dalmatian dog.

This man has quite a weird hobby. His hobby includes dressing up as a Dalmatian dog with spots. It might seem very odd to you, but the truth remains that he is not the only one who has this highly unusual hobby. Many other people enjoy acting like a dog to relieve themselves from stress. These people just don’t act like dogs; they also dress like them in special clothes that are custom made to their body sizes. They enjoy wearing their costumes with a collar, living on all fours, and being leashed.  

Tom Peters, a 32-year-old British man attained fame when he was a guest on one of the British daytime TV shows known as This Morning. On the show, he was known as spot and was addressed as such. When talking about his strange hobby, Spot was very excited and happy for the opportunity to talk about his lifestyle that included living and acting like a puppy.

2. Tom Peters has a lot of optimism for his life as a puppy.

Tom Peter’s was very optimistic and happy about his outfit. He explained that wearing his custom-made dalmatian puppy costume makes him feel even closer to his goal of looking like a puppy. He said that living his life as a puppy was so important to him that he decided not to leave any stone unturned in his pursuit of that life and so getting the dalmatian puppy suit was important not only for his looks to be complete but also for his inner satisfaction.

3. Peter can imitate a puppy to perfection.

Peter’s imitation of a puppy is spot on. You can almost believe that it is a real life Dalmatian puppy around except that Peter looks a whole lot bigger. The Dalmatian puppy costume is also a perfect match for the skin of a Dalmatian dog. His lifestyle is also an exact replica of that of a dog. He lives in a cage, moves on all fours and eats from a bowl. You could be so lost in Peter’s perfect imitation of being a puppy that you lose sight of the fact that Peter is a lighting and theater technician in real life.

4. Peters had no reservations about coming as a puppy to the show.

When Peters appeared on the British daytime TV show in full puppy suit, it was a bit surprising. However, Peters claims not to have any discomfort about appearing as a puppy. He said his unusual appearance was a deliberate act to raise awareness about his lifestyle. He also wanted to disband any rumors that people who had the same lifestyle as he did were victims of multiple identity disorders. He explained that he was not ashamed in the least for appearing on the show in his full suit.  

He said, “People think of it as seedy and that no one should see it. But we’re not there to cause mischief; we’re there to have fun and literally be treated like a puppy. It’s not a sexual thing. It is a lifestyle; it’s just escapism. To get away from money and the hectic lifestyle we have,”

5. Tom has a human handler in his ex-fiance, Rachel Watson.

Not only does Tom assume the life of a puppy at home for relaxation purposes, but he also has a human handler. Rachel Watson who also used to be Tom’s fiance is his companion and handler.

Tom and Rachel’s engagement ended in 2008. According to Rachel, this break was facilitated by Peter’s very strange lifestyle. However, it seems that the broken engagement did not create any hard feelings as Rachel and Tom began to build up a wonderful friendship which has left them as best of friends. As Rachel says, their friendship and understanding of each other have deepened over the years.

6. Rachel had to watch a documentary named, “The Secret Life of the Human Pups” to better understand Tom and his lifestyle.

Rachel wanted to understand Tom’s lifestyle so much that she decided to watch a documentary that dealt with what Tom was experiencing. She said that the documentary, “The Secret Life of the Human Pups” was instrumental in helping her understand the need for people like Tom to shed their skin more or less and wear another one. She claimed to have a better understanding of Tom after she had watched the documentary and lived with him for quite awhile. Its hard to understand someone else’s lifestyle when you are staying far away. Staying close and acting as a companion to Tom has given her a better understanding of his hobby.

When the critics came with their often hateful words, Rachel came to the defense of Tom Peters by stressing that he gets so much happiness and joy from living the life of a puppy that no one should have the right to judge him for pursuing his happiness. On that note, she demanded that people respect Peter and his choices especially when those choices have made him happy and whole.


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