The Truth About What Really Happened Behind The Scenes On Pimp My Ride


Each time we got to watch Pimp My Ride on MTV we all wished that one day, we would open the door to Xzibit come to Pimp our Ride. The show got our attention and love because every single part of it was engineered to get our attention. From the beginning right down to the end. The state of cars before they were pimped and what they looked like after they had been worked on. The after was what we lived for though. You could never tell what the car would look like, but you knew that you would be amazed. No matter how many times you had seen the show, you never failed to be surprised at the end of it all. The best part of the show was how the owners of the car got to state their preferences, and the engineers brought those preferences to life. You might be very surprised then if you were to find out that everything about the show from the surprise visit, to the reactions right down to the unveiling was nothing but a staged show. In this article, I’m going to let you in on what really happened to those cars.

The cars that were deliberately damaged for more effect.

The show thrived on the vast difference in the before and after states of the cars, and so if a car didn’t look as bad as they wanted it to look for the show, it was helped.

The producers of the show decided that damaging the car further would make for a better reaction from their fans when the car was finally worked on. In their opinion, the contrast would be so big that everyone would be very impressed. Let’s face it, the contrasts also got to us a lot, and that is probably why the producers did what they did. 


Like I said before, some of the reactions that were filmed were faked. Sometimes the owners didn’t like how their cars turned out but had to act happy because of the show. In reality, though, most of the people whose cars had been pimped did not like the changes done, and most of them complained of not using the car for much longer after that.

Some other people complained of malfunctioning in the car. But what happens when all or any of the above changes? Do you get to trade in the car for a newer one? No, you don’t. The owners of the cars that had been pimped could not sell their cars even when they were tired of it. One contestant tried to put his car up for sale on eBay only to get a call from the producers of the show asking him to pull it down. Apparently, there was a no sale clause in the documents that they signed.

Hiring of Car

So while the cars are being pimped what do the owners use to get around? They had to resort to car hiring to move about. The time range for the repairs of the cars was not always as quick as it was implied in the show and sometimes people had to go weeks without their cars being returned. What really got to me is that the people had to pay for the hire service themselves. One particular contestant had a hard time finding a car for hire because of his age. He said, “Really small, shady company off the freeway by LAX because they were the only ones willing to rent to me because of my age. It sucked having that rental car because they wouldn’t take payments over the phone so once a month I had to drive all the way from West Covina to LAX just for them to swipe my card.”

The producers did not really listen or care about what the owners of the car wanted.

What we really liked about the pimp my ride show was that it seemed as if the producers were doing their best to give the owners of the car their dream cars. They made a big deal of listening to them and trying to get their preferences and an idea of their dream car to provide maximum service. 

However, from what we heard from Reddit user, Seth Martino, they were just staging the whole thing. It seems as if the choices and likes of the owners were overlooked. For Seth Martino, his experience with the Pimp my ride crew was not palatable. First, they ignored his dislike for the color red and designed the interior of the car in mostly red shades. Another grievance of his is that “I know I’m fat, but they went the extra mile to make me look extra fat by telling the world that I kept candy all over my seat and floor just in case I got hungry.”

“They gave me a cotton candy machine in my trunk. I sat there and watched them dump out two bags of generic candy. I did not have any candy all over my car. That was completely fabricated for the story. At the time, I didn’t question anything because it was an exciting experience and I just kind of went with the flow.” “I know it is kind of mean, but I think they just wanted to put a cotton candy machine in a car and used the fat guy as the opportunity to do it.”

The rides didn’t last for much longer.

Many of the contestants of the pimp my ride show stated that the cars that were repaired didn’t last that long. Jake Glazier, one of the contestants, said, “For the most part, it needed a lot of work done to make it a functioning regular driver, which they did not do. They added a lot of extra weight but didn’t adjust the suspension to compensate, so I felt like I was in a boat, and every time I hit a bump the car would bottom out, and the tires would scrape inside the wheel well.”.

The producers only did some work to the exterior leaving the engines to sort themselves out. 

The producers took back their accessories.

Those beautiful accessories we always admired on the cars after they had been fixed may have been taken away. It turns out that those accessories were just for eye service or in this case, camera service since they were removed and taken after all the filming had been done. You can only imagine how devastated those people were to learn that those beautiful accessories were not to stay with them.

Although, some of them were removed for the safety of the owner. Seth Martino said, “For the most part, it needed a lot of work done to make it a functioning regular driver, which they did not do.”

Inside the car

The exterior of the cars always looked good, and that is a given if the producers of the show want to make any money at all. However, it has been said that the interior parts of the car looked nothing like its exterior parts. One of the co-executive producers, Larry Hochberg, had something to say,

“It’s not accurate to say that we didn’t work on the mechanics of the cars. Some of the cars were so old and rusted that they would have mechanical issues no matter how much work you put into them [and] the production team and the car shops worked their butts off to get parts for these cars.” 

But then you can’t really fault them when the whole show is mostly about changing the look of the cars, especially on the outside.

Other stories say that the houses were only rentals gotten by the producer for the sole purpose of filming and that the reaction of everyone was scripted. There are a lot of mixed feelings for the show and in as much as these feelings exist, remember that it was still a crowd pleaser. If it began to air again right now, you’d find yourself watching it again.


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