Study Shows Females Who Smoke Marijuana Have Higher IQ’s Than Those Who Don’t


Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But this has been common knowledge among the pot community that the smarter ones are the one that puff weed.

Now science has come into the picture. This is no longer some ”hippie talk”. The Journal of Epidemiology and Community health has gone as far as conducting an experiment off of a sample of 8000 female marijuana smokers and concluded its findings. And they point to the fact that such women had higher IQs than the majority of the population. It was also found that women who were 50% smarter than the average lady had a higher tendency to smoke pot.

While they were unsure as to why women who were more likely to get high had higher IQs. They seemed to think that those who are smarter are more open to new experiences, You could chalk this up as a means of dealing with things, however, we all know the benefits of smoking marijuana so there is little reason not to.

The reason behind this phenomenal still eludes us but it has been known that people with higher IQs are more open to new experiences. With studies also showing that smarter people are more disorganized and more tolerant to chaos and thing that may look disgusting to the average Joe, it isn’t hard to see why the smarter women tend to move towards pot.

Taking a smoke is one sure way of stimulating people which could have something to do with this, many feel like they are not getting the adequate motivation or inspiration so they look for it some other place, this common in those who are smarter than the majority of the population.

The video below gives an in-depth explanation of this phenomenon.



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