11 Major Differences Between The Boy You Date And The Guy You Will Marry


Females (and males) will date around before they find the perfect match for them. However, you may be confused when you date whether or not this “boy” is going to be your future husband. The guy you are dating now may or may not be “the one.” However, after reading these 11 differences, you may be able to tell a little bit better.

Therefore, follow along with this and read the 11 differences between the boy you are dating versus the man you are going to marry. There is a difference between eternal love and temporary lust.

If he doesn’t pick up the tab when you go out to eat, then you might as well kick him to the curb now. A real man will always pay for your meal. The guy that gives excuses as to why he isn’t going to or can’t pay is definitely not marriage material.

More than likely, if you met him at a bar or a pub, he isn’t marriage material. The guy you meet somewhere that is an interesting or peaceful place is going to be the guy you marry. He will love to be in places where you can connect on a deeper level, not just grind on the dance floor.

If your guy is all about sex and using you for sexual pleasure, you are probably not going to marry him. These types of guys do not have a plan for the future, they only use you to get sex, and it’s a trap! A guy who is willing to have your agreement will be there forever! This guy wants to marry you ASAP! That is the difference between true love and temporary lust.

The guy that is more focused on sex and only worries about sexual pleasure is not in for the long haul. He is going to betray you at a certain point. But the guy that you are going to marry will actually care about how you feel and how you are feeling.

Boys have no commitments in their life. He is only worried about “hanging out.” However, the guy that you are going to marry is going to make decisions that will benefit your future. This may mean that you have less time together, but it will be beneficial in long terms.

Regarding the future, the boy you are dating does not discuss a future for you two. He does not get excited about the future or your ambitions. He doesn’t care about you. The guy you are going to marry is always talking about the future, especially the future of your relationship. He wants to make future plans with you. 

The boy you are dating does not care or take an interest in your life. He doesn’t care about your future dreams or goals. He only focused on the moment with you. This boy is not the one you are going to marry. However, the MAN you are going to marry is always going to want to hear about your dreams and life. He will always support your future goals. He wants you to be successful and be the best YOU that you can be.

The boy that is not ready to get married doesn’t even know how much he loves you. He might talk about love, but he won’t discuss his real feelings towards you. These types of guys will never help you feel secure in yourself of your relationship. The man that you are going to marry is going to always tell you how special you are to him. He will always be willing to let you know how he feels. You make him feel special and lucky. He will tell you how much he loves you, at any given time. “I love you” is something he says often.

If the “boy” you are with is always trying to “test” you, then he is not the one for you. A man will give you time and do anything to keep you. You are his world, and he would fall apart without you. He wants you forever!

If he doesn’t want to meet your friends or hang out with your friends, get rid of him now! This type of boy doesn’t want you to be happy. He doesn’t care about the future, or he would get to know your friends, as they are an extension of you. Your lifetime partner will want to hear all the goofy stories about you and your girls. He wants to know and meet your friends.

The boy you are dating is not going to meet your parents. He doesn’t want to! The man you are going to marry cannot wait to meet your parents. He wants to know where you come from, what makes you, YOU! He wants to give a good impression. He wants to ask your dad for your hand in marriage.


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