Millennials Most Likely To Trade Booze For Bud


As the many things which were previously not legal are becoming legal in the country, cannabis has become more accepted by everyone. Quite a number of millennials have slowly but surely been replacing their booze with bud, and now cannabis is also fast becoming a favorite for them.

A Cannabis company known as OutCo made a study together with Monocle Research to estimate the consumption of cannabis in America and they discovered that more than 50 percent of people in California between the age bracket of 18 and 29 prefer to take cannabis to taking alcohol.

While discussing their results, the CEO of OutCo, Mr. Lincoln Fish said, “We found that for millennials, the choice between the two main recreational substances, alcohol and tobacco, has always been an easy one. Growing up with anti-tobacco messaging, the smoking rate for 18-29-year-olds in the U.S. has dropped by 22 percent over the past decade, leaving alcohol as the substance of choice.”

“But we already see a decrease in alcohol sales, which means that cannabis is poised to be the new recreational substance of choice for many millennials and beyond.” 

The researchers discovered that beer which is the most popular drink is usually replaced with weed. Of the people that responded to the questions, 34% of them admitted that they had switched up their beer for cannabis. This value was closely followed by 18% who claimed that they substituted wine for cannabis while 14 percent admitted to taking weed instead of the spirits they were used to taking.

From the results, you can see that the millennials really took the trophy in the bud for booze competition. 20% of those born in the 20th century though have also begun to trade in their booze for bud while 8% of the really young ones are taking bud instead of booze.

So why are the choices of people changing? When asked many of the people who responded to the questions stated the new policy in California that legalizes Weed. Other people fingered the safety of cannabis, and it’s lower cost. Some other people explained that their choices were made because of their health.

However, for a majority of the people who are switching up their drinks for cannabis, the decision is an entirely personal one, made for personal reasons. It’s a good thing that Cannabis is being legalized in many states in the country, and this means that more people have the choice to play around with and discover their preferences.  

Some of the reasons that were given for the switch from alcohol to cannabis were really personal. One of them is by a medical Marijuana patient in New York named Steven Mrowzinski. He said,
“Alcohol cost me a father, grandfather, uncle, my health, dignity, relationships with good people. Additionally, I injured myself many times while drunk,”

For 29 years old Sarah from Brooklyn, the section was made purely on a health basis. Sarah had just recently stopped taking alcohol because of the effect it had on her. It made her angry and woozy a lot. But for her, Cannabis has more benefits, “On the other hand, cannabis has helped preserve my health, helps me stay calm, helps me rest and digest. I find it helps me cope. Cannabis is a natural antidepressant.”

“Meanwhile weed makes you listen to your mind and gives you a break from stress,” she says.

As for 20-year-old Sam who is from New York, his own need stems from a health base. Sam has filled out prescriptions for antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and bipolar medications and for him, alcohol just aggravates his symptoms. He said,

“I just got off hard substances. After putting everything I had and have in my life at risk for a few friends, who I chose over better influences, cannabis kept me alive at times where my mind failed, while trying to get my life in order.”

As the legalization of cannabis sweeps through the country state by state, even more people are being more open in their use of the drug as they don’t have to fear censure over their choices although the State law has some stipulations such as in New York where you have to be a medical Marijuana patient to use cannabis.

27-year-old Steven Deyo, a songwriter and part owner of a recording studio, Blackwood Studios, in Los Angeles, California had something to say about the cannabis usage. He feels that the advancement of the cannabis industry is a beautiful thing as many options are out. He said, “I feel fulfilled with all the variety of strain choices of cannabis to elevate or inspire my mood,”

Not only can you just experiment with cannabis because you feel like it, but you also have so many different strains to pick from based on their functions. For instance sleep, sex, better mood.

Adam Lustig, the founder of Higher Vision Cannabis which is located in Northern California, said, “I basically quit drinking because it affected my productivity. I’m a major proponent of harm reduction. Cannabis is the safest recreational substance that I’ve found,” “If you have to be addicted to something like most people are, Cannabis is the safest choice. I’m more productive on Cannabis than I ever was when I drank.”

Another reason for the favoring of cannabis seems to be the method of consumption. An advertising executive from New York, Janine likes to keep things easy with a vape pen or a few edibles. In her opinion, they are easy and cheaper and didn’t cost as much as alcohol.

She says, “The more I could incorporate cannabis in my after work socializing, the less I needed to drink,” “Cannabis never made me violent the way alcohol did and helped me appreciate everything down to the subway ride home, rather than howling in depressed alcoholic tears. And more importantly, cannabis is a journey, and using it with an intention before a music show has been amazing for helping me work through psychological or spiritual concerns in a conducive environment.”


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