People Who Suffered Emotional Abuse As A Child, Probably Do These Things As An Adult


How a child is treated and raised will have a long-lasting effect on the child, and they will lead into effecting their adulthood. That’s why the saying applies that you are raising them to the person that they will become. You are establishing the build blocks of their life and affecting the outlook that they will have on the world. Anything and everything that occurs in their life ends up having a cause and effect; rather it is a good cause or a harmful effect. We all want to raise our child to be the best they can be, however, the reality is not every parent is always a good parent.

When a child suffers from emotional abuse, it will change the way that they experience life, opposed to someone who did not suffer from emotional abuse. The long-term effect of suffering from emotional abuse is it will end up hurting their adulthood and establishing a meaningful relationship with people in their lives.

Have you experienced emotional abuse as a child? You might think that you haven’t however, as we grow older our mind has a way to block out painful memories, so you might not realize that you suffered from emotional abuse until you read several of the behaviors that are commonly associated with someone who experienced a childhood trauma. 

1. Holding Angry In.

Do you bottle up all your anger and not sure how to let the emotions flow in a healthy way or you just let it build up until it overflows and you become an angry raging person? It happens because people who have gone through emotional abuse as a child do not know how to cope with your feelings of anger or sadness so you let it build up inside until you can hold it back any longer.

2.You don’t hold your ground and defend yourself.

Adults who can not stand their ground nor defend themselves when someone is putting them down can be caused by emotional abuse because there are now scared to take action and ultimately wants to try and avoid conflict as much as possible.

3.You try to please everyone.

Often while growing up you were scared that you might upset someone, so instead of trying to upset someone you try to make sure everyone is pleased with you, just to ensure that you can try and avoid conflicts as much as possible. 

4. Experience anxiety and/or depression.

When you let all your emotions bottle up and try to please everyone, you will start to become depressed and suffer from anxiety often without even knowing what has caused it or why it is happening.

5.You tend to be overly shy

When you have suffered from emotional abuse, you tend to be shyer because you have always been silenced when you were younger trying not to displease anyone because you were unsure what to say. Now that has boiled over into your adulthood and you find it difficult to reach out and speak to new people and even have trouble forming meaningful relationships.

6. Self-Blame

Do you often blame yourself for everything and anything happening around you? It was usually due to emotional abuse when you were younger, and you are not afraid to make mistakes. IT prevents you from taking any risks in life and enjoying all the possibilities out there because when something goes wrong or a way not expected, you instantly start blaming yourself and thinking it is all your fault that it has happened.

7. You Are Your Bully

When you suffer emotional abuse as a child, you will find your self-being your own worst enemy and use the same abusive language that was used on you when you were younger. You have carried on their actions onto yourself, and even though most like that person is no longer part of your life, they are still living on through you based on their actions that have affected you. You know nothing different, you see it as normal life, but it is all your past steaming back up to haunt you. 

8.You Need Validation From People

Do you find yourself usually needing someone to tell you that you are doing a great job? If someone doesn’t tell you they are proud of you, you start to feel like you are failing? This is caused by emotional abuse when you were younger. You feel as if nothing you do is ever good enough, and cant validate yourself, so you constantly look for others to tell you that you are doing a good job. You want to be noticed and accepted.

I know this article might have been hard for some of you to read and you might have noticed something that you may have forgotten about. We wrote this article because we want to bring awareness to everyone about how emotional abuse is just as harmful and lasting as physical abuse. No child or adult should ever have to suffer from any form of violence, and we hope this article will help spread awareness.

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