Recent Study Shows That Sending Nudes Is Way More Common Than You Think


There is a certain amount of shame attached to the act of sending nudes although humankind now exists in one of the most progressive eras regarding sexual liberty.

Although there is a healthy fear among most people of being seen as too promiscuous or perverted when they either send or request for nudes, the number of people in Europe and America that send their nudes is large. A study done on 2000 people from Europe and America shows this.

The study didn’t just stop at determining the prevalence of sending nudes. It went further to find out what parts of the body are usually the focus of these pictures and how the act of sending nudes can actually impact a couple’s sex life.

The consensus is that sexting is something that was done or is done by people born in the late 19th century and that is false. 

The people who engage in sexting are in a wider age range, and this includes about 40% of men in America between the ages of 18 and 24 while the American women rack up to 36% in the same age range.

However, the act of sending nudes is not just limited to Americans in the younger age brackets. About 26 to 27 percent of the older ones from age 45 and above also send nudes. While in Europe it is between 20 and 21% of the same age bracket.

From the facts above you can see that the difference between the percentage of young people who send nudes and older people who do the same is just a little bit above 10% despite the age difference between them is almost as large as 2 decades.

What do we take pictures of while sending nudes?

One thing about taking nudes in this day and age of the internet is the avoidance of recognition, and so because of this, most nude pictures don’t include the face of the person taking it.

It is only a small percentage of people that include their faces while taking nude pictures and this is because the pictures are being sent to a future significant other or a present one.

And this overly cautious approach is quite understandable if you take into account the number of nudes being leaked and the public embarrassment that usually follows such a leak.

In general, the most prevalent subject for a nude picture is the breast which is usually sent by women. A whopping 43% of female nude picture takers in Europe, show their breasts while in America it is 50%.

As for the men, their genitals are the main subject of their nude pictures.

Something else that has proven to be quite interesting about the dynamics of sending nude pictures is the type of relationship that both parties have.

Most times, when nudes are sent between two people, it is usually between people who don’t know themselves so well. In other words, most nudes are sent between people who don’t know each other so well.

However, remote relationships such as one night stands don’t usually get nudes, and in the case that they do, it is a low percentage, 14 in men and 6 in women.  

As for married couples, it rises to 27 percent and 33 percent in men and women respectively.

But what is the impact of sexting in the sex life of couples?

The study as mentioned earlier in the article also deals with the positive and negative effects of sending and receiving nudes to a couples sex life. Does it make things in the bedroom more satisfying or less? It was found that the pleasure to be found in the bedroom was positively affected by sexting. Couples who sexted a lot were more sexually satisfied as opposed to those that didn’t.

Of those that were asked, 61% of them reported very positively, claiming that they enjoyed more sexual satisfaction.

About 42% of people who sexted each other on a weekly basis also claimed to be very satisfied with their sex life and 33% of people who sexted only a couple times a month had an improvement in their sex life.

In the same vein, those who sexted even less didn’t report the same satisfaction in their sex lives.

Maybe you shouldn’t feel bad about sending nudes especially when it has been proven to have a positive impact on your sex life.

You would think that most women send more nudes than receive. That, however, is not correct as most women get sent nudes more than they send even without requesting for it.

From the study conducted, it showed that women had double the chances of receiving nude pictures or sexts more than men do. The younger women usually got these without requesting for it.

Most men don’t know enough to realize that sending nude pictures of their genitals to women when it is not asked for, is not only rude but also a crime in the Malicious Communications Act.

49% of men usually save the nudes sent to them while 30% of women are more prone to asking men to delete the nudes sent to them.

This is risky because you can only pray that the man in question actually respects your request and deletes the picture.

Finally, what it boils down to is feeling comfortable in yourself.  

People who sent more nudes to others claimed to feel a lot more comfortable in their bodies and their sex lives more than those who don’t send nudes.

Finally, the decision to send nudes or not to send nudes is up to you and you alone. Don’t let anyone coerce you into sending your nudes. It depends on you and the relationship you have with the potential recipients of the nudes.

Although you might want him to appreciate how good you look, it is important to make sure that the recipient would actually like to see it.


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