Research Says Picking Your Nose Is Good for You but You Have To Eat Your Boogers


Picking the nose is one of the most embarrassing things that anyone can be caught doing, especially if you are an adult. Something about it just puts other people off. Perhaps because it looks like a dirty habit and nobody wants to touch another person’s nose boogers even indirectly through a handshake. It’s just gross. What is even grosser than picking your nose? Eating the proceeds, that’s what. Yes, you might argue that nobody does that except kids. Well, you would be wrong. Many adults engage in this practice.

It’s is even more disgusting to pick your nose and eat the boogers you dig out. But what if someone told you that it shouldn’t be disgusting? What if science has something new to reveal about those little boogers we pick out of our noses?

Here are some new facts that science has to tell us about the boogers in our noses.

1. Scientific research shows that these nose boogers are good for you and not in your nose.

It turns out that the little nose boogers are good for our health when we eat them. Professor and Biochemist, Scott Napper, says that not only is picking your nose good, but it is also highly advisable for you to eat the proceeds. The boogers really have no use in your nose, but once you consume them, they do all sort of good things for your body system.  

2. Many people pick their noses.

As loud as the outcry of disgust against picking your nose is, many people still pick their noses. In fact, picking the nose is one of the most common habits around. A recent study shows that over 95% of teenagers pick their noses and very regularly while about 90 percent of adults indulge themselves in the same habit. But with children, the values are highest as most kids pick their noses.

3. There is a special scientific name for picking your nose.

If you want to get fancy, science has a special name for this habit of picking the nose. The act of removing mucus and boogers from your nose is called Rhinotillexis while the act of eating it is called Mucophagy.

4. What are the components of your nose boogers?

The mucus in the nose is made up of a mixture of enzymes which have an antiseptic nature. They are equipped with the ability to kill or weaken the invading bacteria. These weakened or malfunctioning bacteria are then introduced into the nose. They are then used in the synthesis of more antibodies for the immune system.

5. What a recent survey has to say about picking your nose.

This recent survey shows how many times we are prone to picking our noses per day. You would be surprised at how many times it is. According to this survey, an average person picks their nose clean at least 4 or 5 times in one day. Obviously, nobody is going to own up to the fact that they pick their noses at all much less 5 times a day. However, there is a small percentage of people who don’t have this habit. Only about 10 percent.  

6. Do not eat your nose boogers in public

Although it has been scientifically endorsed that our nose boogers are healthy in an antibacterial way, it is still gross to pick your nose and eat the proceeds in public. It is disgusting to see so if you want to make a meal out of nose boogers be sure to do it somewhere people can’t see.

7. Your nose boogers are good for you.

The professor and biochemist Scott Napper has let us know that our nose boogers are good for us when we consume them. He even has a reason for why we have the urge to clean out the boogers in our nose with our fingers. According to him, this urge stems from our ancestors who we evolved from. It’s health benefits have caused us to evolve with this habit. Those little rolls of boogers are definitely food for you.

8. The nose boogers are food for our immune system.

The only reason eating boogers is good for our health is because of its contribution to our immune system.

The nose is an important part of the immune system. This is because the nose is a filter making use of the little hairs inside to trap tiny microorganisms and dust particles when you breathe. As a result of this, the nose has a large helping of bacteria at the end of each other. One lung specialist, Dr. Friedrich Bischenger has said that if the mixture of these boogers in our noses were to find a way into the intestine, it would be very beneficial to us working just like a dose of medication would.

9. Napper’s research 

Napper’s research was born out of watching his daughters behavior. He has two beautiful daughters who enjoy picking their noses. According to him, from numerous observations, he has noticed that they immediately stick their hands into their mouths. As he says, he began to wonder, “could they be actually fulfilling what they were meant to do.”

10. How Napper tested his theory

After observing his daughters, he set out to prove his theory by engaging his students in an experiment. In this experiment, he had his students put in harmless substances into their noses after which he asked them to pick their noses and bring out the boogers then eat them. After which he then ran some tests to get a feel for the immune response of the body to those molecules. The results of this experiment are not yet out because of its how recent the experiment is. 

11. Mucus protects out teeth from bacteria.

A recent search shows that a particular amount of bacteria found in the mucus of the saliva can prevent a person from getting tooth cavities.

Tooth cavities or dental caries are caused by a bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans. This bacteria is carcinogenic in nature, and it attacks the tooth. The attack causes organic acids to be synthesized. These acids then break down the tooth enamel. The mucus in the saliva prevents this bacteria from growing in the mouth.

12. Consuming your snot

You must be feeling really disgusted by now. That’s understandable but when you think about puking, remember that the nose boogers are very beneficial to your immune system. Not only the boogers are beneficial. Your snot is also healthy. Research has proven that our snot halls us to prevent respiratory infections and ulcers. I bet when it really comes down to it, you would prefer ingesting your snot to going through an awful respiratory infection or a painful stomach ulcer.

13. NOT yet totally accepted.

Although the benefits of the nose boogers and snot have been proven. Some people in the medical profession just don’t accept the act of picking your nose and eating the proceeds. Some people feel that we already have enough mucus and so don’t need to go mining for more in our noses.

14. Make sure to wash your hands after picking your nose.

If you want to eat your boogers, that’s okay but be sure to wash your hands afterward because even if you don’t feel grossed out over touching your nose boogers, someone else most definitely would. Even Napper who seems to think that eating your boogers is okay advises to “From an evolutionary perspective, we evolved under very dirty conditions,” he says, “and maybe this desire to keep our environment and our behaviors sterile isn’t actually working to our advantage.”

If after this article you think you’d like to eat your boogers, that’s okay but just be sure to keep your nose booger snacking as neat as possible.


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