Scary Encounters With ‘Zombie-Like’ Animals On The Rise In The US


The fear that resides just underneath the surface of the many Americans is the fear of the Zombie apocalypse. People want to know if it’s coming soon and what to keep in store to fight against it. Food, ammunition, and any other useful thing.

The popular Zombie movies like The Walking Dead that have become very popular these days are not helping matters either. Most people are slowly but surely beginning to believe that Zombies do exist and that one day, they would rise to fight against man and everything he stands for in a huge battle known as the Zombie Apocalypse. The fact that many people have reported incidences where certain animals behaved and walked like the Zombies portrayed in the movies has only cemented the belief that the zombie apocalypse might be at hand.

Many people living in America have at one point had an encounter with animals behaving like zombies. These animals have been called the “animal zombies.” According to the ones who witnessed these events, these animal zombies usually foxes and coyotes usually looked bedraggled and mangy as if they had just risen from their graves like the human zombies in the movies. 

These eyewitnesses have quite the story to tell of their experiences with the animal zombies.

One, in particular, a man from Ohio named Joe Evans narrated his bone-chilling experience with a vicious raccoon in his own backyard. He said, “The thing looked possessed. He was hissing and showing his teeth. Rather than being scared of me, it looked like he was provoking a fight,”

More than the standard drooling which is normal for zombies, the animal zombies have also displayed an alarming show of anger and aggressive behavior.

A photographer named Robert Coggeshall also from Ohio had another scary raccoon incident. This time around, the animal zombie didn’t just scare him and display some aggressiveness, it even chased him.

Giving an account of this experience, Robert Coggeshall said,

“He would be on his hind legs and just fall over backward in a zombie trance.”

These two grown-up men aren’t the only ones to have a run-in with the animal zombies as they are called. A five-year-old girl from Westchester County had a nasty experience with one of these animal zombies. According to her, she was attacked by a vicious and rabid coyote. The coyote ran through an open gate. From what five-year-old Natalie has told the authorities, the coyote was running really fast towards hers until it bit her.

During an interview, Natalie said, “I didn’t scream, I didn’t panic…It hurts a little bit, but I am feeling better.” But she wasn’t the only one to be attacked by the same coyote. A police officer who came to rescue her was also bitten by the wild coyote when he tried to hold it by the neck. However, the coyote was later killed when other responders arrived on the scene. 

Natalia and the police officer have both been treated for rabies as it seems to be the problem with the coyote.

But the real question here is if these attacks are just leading up to the Zombie apocalypse.

Are these animals zombie animals? Maybe they have been infected by the zombie virus that turns human beings into brain-eating zombies.

These are all just conjectures and a professor of epidemiology, Dr. Tara Smith from the Kent State University in Ohio, has an answer for us. She says that these animals have not been infected by the Zombie virus but have rather been infected with Rabies or distemper. She then warned to keep our distance from animals that look rabid.

According to her, “Rabies is 100 percent fatal in humans if it is not treated before symptoms appear. They are drooling. They seem like they can’t control their bodily movements. It is difficult to watch,”

Perhaps these are no animal zombies, but the Zombie apocalypse is still a thing of fear for us.


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