Scientists Have Developed An Injection That May Be The Cure To Obesity


Some British scientists have actually developed a hormone that could mimic the effects of someone having a gastric band surgery would have.

And it has been tested on humans with amazing success. This was done at the Imperial College of London.

Those who took the hormone would only eat 70% of their original food portion.

Now, using a patch or pump for a period of 28 days, the hormone was administered to 20 parents.

And the results were amazing. In fact, it was so good that those who had diabetes had to stop taking their medications for it.

And those who took part in the experiment got as much a weight loss result as those who did gastric bypass surgery.

With many of them losing 4 to 5 pounds of fat. 

When it came to the gastric band, it is usually assumed that patients would lose weight since they consumed smaller amounts of food.

Other studies have now shown that there is a relationship between the gastric band and the increase in the levels of hormones that tell one’s brain that they are full.

Thereby reducing their cravings for fatty foods.

The injection was built to give the effect of the gastric band without the gastric band.

Tricia Tan, the scientist who created the hormone, says “While wearing the pump, you feel less hungry and you stop eating earlier.

“The sensation is like after you have eaten a big meal and you feel really full. What’s even more exciting is that we can normalize blood sugar levels and they can come off diabetes medications.”

Meanwhile, Sir Steve Bloom, who leads the study and also heads endocrinology, metabolism, and diabetes at the Imperial College is optimistic about the discovery saying that the injection could be available to the public in the next 5 years.


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