Society Has Gotten It All Wrong: Nocturnal, Messy and Potty-Mouthed People Are Highly Intelligence.


According to scientific findings, people that swear a lot, sleep late and are really messy, tend to have IQs higher than the average.

This study, was done on a sample of the American youth and its findings showed that the more intelligent a person was, the later he/she stayed up at night. It was also discovered that this trend goes way back into their childhood.

Another observation was that intelligent people were not exactly the most polite of people. And that swearing was also an additional trait – something that goes against conventional wisdom. In fact,  one study showed that swearing was linked to the ability to communicate effectively in a certain language.

Next, we look at the mess. The University of Minnesota finalized a study that pointed to the fact that working in a messier environment saw an increase in creativity and critical thinking.

This supports the opinion that being in messy environments sparked creativity by forcing people to achieve success through the unconventional way.

So next time you feel bad about that messy room of yours or your crazy circadian rhythm no that that’s the price you pay for an IQ right up there.

Always remember that weird means wired differently and being wired differently actually is proven to be a great thing. I know for a fact that I am wired different than almost everyone and I love every single moment of it.

Please Be Sure to share this with your friends and family and help them understand that they are most likely very intelligent.


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