Why You Should Immediately Throw Away Any Spices Made in This Location


When was the last time you looked through your spice rack to clear it? I bet it’s been a really long time. Most people have spice cabinets that have not been cleared for many years now, and if you look into the dark recesses of the cabinet, you would be surprised at what you find.

The spices that are mostly used in practically every meal we prepare are usually right inside the cabinet for easy access or located somewhere else that is handy most preferably around the cooking area. This nice little arrangement is a bit hard to change and so many months and even years may go by without a particular spice or seasoning being used.

For some of us who have left our numerous unused spices to lay to waste forming some kind of vintage spice collection, the popular spice company, McCormick has something to say to you about your spices and their expiration dates.  

In a recent post on their Facebook page, they said,

“When’s the last time you took a peek into your spice cabinet? You should see “Hunt Valley, MD” on McCormick labels. If you see “Baltimore, MD,” the spice is at least 25 years old.”

The McCormick spice company is a really old company, and a few years ago in 1990, they moved their company’s operation center to Hunt Valley from Baltimore. A quick look at the packaging of your spice would be able to tell you if you have been harboring a vintage spice in your cabinet. Although you might want to hold fast to them if you want. You could also sell them for a tidy sum to collectors of old vintage McCormick spice bottles.

The unspoiled vintage containers of McCormick spice can be sold for quite a tidy sum of money depending on how old they are. You could have this money sitting somewhere in the dark parts of your spice cabinets so what are you waiting for? Declare a pre-summer cleaning exercise and be sure to not only check your spice cabinet but that of your mom and grandmom.

If you don’t want to go through with the hassle of looking for interested collectors for your McCormick vintage spice containers, you can easily get rid of them. When you do, you will find out that you might even want to restock your spice cabinet with fresher spices. If you are one of those people who hate to throw things away especially when the said thing was bought with your money, you could try to recycle the containers.

Here are a few worthy ideas of note.

  • Recycle the containers.
  • Use them in the garden, as fresh containers to stock new spices in or as pen cups.
  • You can also use the old spices as a DIY bug repellent. Certain spices such as cinnamon, cloves, peppermint and black pepper have been known to keep the bugs away.
  • You can also take advantage of the spices left to make perfumed soaps. Spices such as cinnamon, hunger, and clove would be perfect for the soap making.
  • You might save yourself some money on watercolors by turning the old spices into paint for your kids. Let them paint with the paste made from these spices.

The McCormick spice company was established in 1889, and as the years rolled by, they have always been willing to help their customers know when a spice is ready for the garbage bag. On their official website, they even have a chart that helps you track down the expiry date on all their spices. It also tells its customers where to look for the export date and how to check for freshness.  

Don’t be afraid of getting into the unknown waters of your spice cabinet. It does not take as long as 20 minutes to be through with the entire purging exercise. The best part of it all is that you would be happy that you finally did it. The old spices would not affect your health if you use them and neither would they also spice your food. If you had a hard time clearing up the spice cabinet, buy smaller sizes of spices these days to save yourself more hassle when next you clean.

Did you have any vintage slices in your spice cabinet? Did you know about the change in operation base of the McCormick company?


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