Couple Has 3 Sets Of Twins Under Age 5, But That’s Not Even The Crazy Part


Craig and Carrie Kosinski are a married couple with a happy home and no children yet. So when a close friend of the family asked them to please take care of a set of twin children for them, the couple happily accepted to take care of the twin girls for a while.

A little while kept multiplying. Soon it had been several months, and the little girls had settled into the Kosinski home acknowledging it as the only home they know. Although this couple wanted to have a large home with lots of kids, they were to be surprised as time went on.

It’s been a year now, and the twins girls named Kenna and Adalynn had finally settled in permanently into the Kosinski home when their biological mother came again to the Kosinski’s with yet another request. This time they pleaded with the family to please help them out by taking in two more of her children who are coincidentally twins. This time a boy and girl. Things were very hard for their mother, and she couldn’t take care of them. So she asked the Kosinski family if they would be willing to take in two more adorable children.  

These twins, Cece and JJ, are the biological siblings of Kenna and Adalynn and because of this, Craig and Carrie had to really deliberate on it before making a decision.

When Carrie was explaining to the Journal Times about their decision, she said

“It was a difficult decision. We were trying to get pregnant ourselves. But they were siblings, so that was definitely part of our consideration – we wanted to keep the siblings together.”

This angel couple decided to put their doubts aside and take care of these siblings. They contacted their mother and told her to bring the twins, Cece and JJ. However, this couple was to have a pleasant surprise just a short while after adopting the second set of twins.

A couple of weeks after Cece and JJ became a part of the Kosinski family, Carrie was feeling poorly and had to see a doctor.

A couple of tests and an ultrasound later, Carrie was told the good news, she was pregnant and get this, she wasn’t just having one child, no she was going to have twins too. This one would be the 3rd set of twins they would be having.

As is natural, the couple felt surprised and bowled over by the news at first, but after a while, they finally settled into the idea that they were going to have a huge family. To them, their pregnancy could not have come at a better time, and they both decided to give their 6 children the best life had to offer. They were overjoyed; their children would have a large family to rest on.

But what is probably the most amazing plot twist in this story is that all 3 sets of twins have their birthday on February 28th. That is going to be one hell of a birthday. To Carrie and Craig, this is just one more sign in a long list of many that this is God’s plan for them.

As Carrie said to the Journal Times about her feelings concerning her large home,

“God has a sense of humor.”

Although there was a slight bump during Craig and Carrie’s pregnancy. The last set of twins were born prematurely at just 25 weeks. They had to spend a few months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit so that they could develop well. However, with good care, the twins survived and were finally allowed to go back home to their parents and 4 siblings.  

As much as the stress of having 3 sets of twins can be tough, the finances are even tougher. It is a major drain on the family’s account to feed, clothe and take care of 6 different children. So, if you would like to encourage the Kosinski family, you can help them take care of these precious children by donating some money to help them cover some of their most pressing needs. You can do this by visiting their page which is the AdoptTogether page.

Watch the video below to know more about this wonderful family.


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