Study Finds Men Confuse Sexual Interest With Consent


Given how far we have come as a civilization, you would think we have got a reasonable understanding of consent.

But sadly we aren’t all there yet.

Now, a new study recently published has shown that a lot of men still have problems differentiating sexual interest from consent.

What they don’t get is that a woman showing sexual interest is different from her given consent to sex.

And unfortunately, that has lead to a lot of misfortune for women. This sexual victimization gets worse among college students.

And with it has come growing concerns from college administrators such as the faculty at Binghamton University in New York and Rush University in Chicago, Illinois. 

They have discovered factors that could show if a man is more likely to commit sexual misconduct.

In the study, they prove that consent isn’t usually defined during sex education for men.

In the study, certain sexual scenarios were presented before 145 heterosexual young men to evaluate.

To their surprise, they found out that most of these young men misinterpreted sexual interest as consent.

And as much as the temperament of these men played a role in their choices, the scenarios had by far the most impact on the choices the men made.

The Associate Professor at Binghamton University, Richard Mattson said “We found that the way in which the woman communicated her sexual intentions, that is verbal refusal versus passive responding, had the largest effect of men’s perceptions. However, there was also evidence of a precedence effect.”

Which means that if the couple had had consensual sex before then, the men would assume that they didn’t need consent for further sexual encounters even when their advances were rejected.

That can’t be accepted. Nothing of that nature speaks of maturity and responsibility. Having sex with someone doesn’t give you the right to just have sex with the person again without consent. 

One shouldn’t be forced to have sex when they aren’t ready for it. You should be able to turn down sexual advances when you want to.

Meanwhile, Mattson goes on to say “However, our findings also suggest that some men were earnestly attempting to determine whether consent was given, but was nevertheless relying on questionable sexual scripts to disambiguate the situation.”

These so-called “questionable sexual scripts” are a problem.

This study has opened our eyes to how widespread these behaviors are.

And this is partially caused by damaging myths such as the common assumption that a woman’s No is a Yes.

This has lead to the sexual victimization of women in our world today.

You know, when students set foot in colleges, parents are no longer there to advise them on how to behave or carry themselves.

Unbridled alcohol drinking and popping of pills create environments where ladies could easily fall prey to men who are willing to take advantage of them sexually.

Men have to know that yes is the only green light.

With the recent development in colleges, more has to be done when it comes to sexual education for both men and women if we want to stop sexual violence and exploitation in the future.


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