Giant Spider Being Rescued From Australian Flood Waters Will Haunt Your Dreams


Australia is well known as a region that has predominantly warm and humid weather. In recent times though, parts of Australia precisely in North Queensland have experienced a difference in the status quo. There has been a severe flood which has ravaged the countryside.

The flooding had become so severe that on Friday, Ingham was declared a disaster zone. This was done after a particularly vicious flood caused the area which is bigger than South Wales to be destroyed entirely.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, a politician who visited the area to ascertain the extent of the damage said, “I don’t think people in the south-east realize how much impact this flood has had on this region and the surrounding communities. About 90 percent of properties have had some impact from the floodwaters.”

The flood water has already damaged the land to a large extent and yet it has also brought on another problem. That of wild animals. With the water comes wild animals that are found in waterlogged areas. The residents of these damaged placed have been warned by authorities to be cautious of wild animals such as snakes and crocodiles. It is their opinion that these animals could come farther into the land and show up in unusual places.

Unfortunately, the residents of these areas don’t have to only look out for crocodiles as there is another animal that they should also be on the lookout for- Spiders. Spiders, the scary monsters are also bound to make an appearance. If you are arachnophobic, then this is probably your worst nightmare ever.

Just recently, a really giant spider was discovered on a tree branch in this area. It had stuck itself to the tree as a buffer against the strong currents of the flood waters. In a time when the residents of this area were looking to save themselves from the dangerous flood waters, a very brave resident of the area was moved to save the spider from a watery death. 

A video of the gallant rescue first posted by Andrew Gilbert was taken, and not long after it was posted, it went viral as everyone was shocked by the size of the spider. The incident took place at Halifax above the Herbert River which was flooded as a result of the recent flooding. The spider rescue went viral so fast that it was aired on Channel 9 News.

The bravery and gallantry exhibited by the local resident who saved the spider was greeted with shock and respect as many people all over social media declared that they would rather face other scary things such as a crocodile or any other wild animal as opposed to getting anywhere near a spider that large.

Many other people made funny memes and jokes over the spider taking over the world. More than that, the brave local who had saved the arachnid should be recognized for his kindness.

That’s good and fine for the man to be brave, I, on the other hand, lay no claim to that form of gallantry. If this makes me heartless, then let it make me, but I would have left that spider to its devices and fight for survival. I would not be mounting any heroic rescues for a spider that large. However, I’m glad that there was such a brave and kind man around to step in and help the spider get free.

It seems that someone else had a scarier experience when he bumped into a spider that is reportedly as big as a little puppy. This happened to a scientist sometime in 2014.

This spider was seen in the Amazon rainforest by an entomologist known as Piotr Naskrecki while paying a visit to one of the most treacherous rainforests in the world. Piotr Naskrecki describing the Goliath Burdette spider said that it was so big that when it moved by, it sounded as if a horse was passing. This is because when it walked, it made a clipping sound like the hooves of a horse.

“I could clearly hear its hard feet hitting the ground and dry leaves crumbling under its weight,” Naskrecki wrote on his blog. “I pressed the switch and pointed the light at the source of the sound, expecting to see a small mammal, a possum, a rat maybe.” 

This Goliath birdeater spider is so big that it weighs up to 30kg which is the weight of an average puppy. Well, if it came between meeting the Goliath spider and shaking a lion, I know what I’d choose. The lion.

“The Goliath birdeater is probably the only spider in the world that makes noise as it walks,” Naskrecki said. “Its feet have hardened tips and claws that produce a very distinct, clicking sound, not unlike that of a horse’s hooves hitting the ground.” 

It’s just as well that I wasn’t planning to make a trip to the Amazon rainforest anytime soon and perhaps with arachnids such as the Goliath birdeater spider, I’ll probably never be making that trip


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