Woman Blows Up 7/11 Microwave With Urine Sample


The police have been involved in a peculiar case of a Colorado woman damaging a 7/11 microwave.

After a loud bang from the microwave, a 7/11 had to approach 26-year-old Angelique Sanchez who was just taking out a plastic bottle from the microwave.

When she was requested to reveal the contents of the white bottle, she disclosed it was pee. And the store attendant demanded that she clean the place up, which she did. And then she walked out of the premises.

Wasting no time at all, the store attendant called the police who found Angelique at a clinic where she had the intention of submitting the urine sample for a test. 

And when questioned, she said that she had cleaned the floor and didn’t know why she had to be harassed still.

Then the police officer explained to her that the microwave was used by customers to warm their food. And to that, she replied that it was real urine.

Then the officer had to issue a summons for damaged property and also told Angelique that the item abused was a $500 microwave.

She was also not allowed to take the urine test to the clinic on that day.

And when asked for her reason behind such a weird action, she said that the clinic needed fresh urine that was still warm and so that made her put hers in the microwave, to warm it up to body temperature.


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