You Can Buy An Entire Village in Spain for less than the Price of a Single Home in the U.S


Most people dream of owning a home or a farm or a ranch even but it does not easily come to mind to own an entire village and even if it does, who would be willing to sell a village to one individual?

Well, someone is willing to do that. Spain is selling a lot of its villages to private individuals and all at a cheap price. The price of one village in Spain is as cheap as £50,000 which is roughly $80,000.

The villages to be sold are found in Galicia, one of the very fertile places in Spain. Galicia is a region that can be found in the Northwestern region of Spain. It used to contain so many little Spanish villages but not anymore. However, there are about 3500 hamlets still around even though more than half of them have been deserted.

Sometime in 2005, Neil Christie bought the village of Arruñada which is at the border between the Asturias and Galicia. He didn’t pay all that much. It cost him, €45,000 (that’s about $53,000). Christie who is a 61-year-old man moved to Arruñada with his lovely wife who teaches at the nearby school.
When he was about to style done, Neil had to destroy the walls of the house that he has been rebuilding for more than 4 years. After that, he built it again but this time with the original stone. 

Christie is very happy with his life right now, and while discussing with Daily News, he said “But apart from when I’m running out of tea bags there’s absolutely ­nothing I miss. The work I did in England could be very stressful. I found it difficult to relax at times. Here I’ve got zero pollution, fresh air, and freshwater and I haven’t had to bankrupt myself to get it.

You aren’t going to be the only one moving there as there have been several people who have done a lot of considerable work on these little villages to make them habitable and prosperous again. These people have settled down to raising animals and owning a farm. But the main problem is that of enticing people to settle down in the village when there really no jobs.

A mayor of the town next to one small village of Barca is willing to strike a deal with potential buyers. He would be giving the entire village to one person free of charge. He has only one clause; the buyer has to promise to restore the village by rebuilding the dilapidated house and employing people. 

Spain is ready to move into the 21st century, and it needs people who are ready to work and in love with nature. If you would like to buy a village, you can find more information about it on Galicia Rustic.


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