10 Signs Your Best Friend is Secretly Jealous of You


You may think your best friend will always have your back, would never lie to you and will be your friend until the end of time. But that’s not always the case. Jealousy has a way of making its way into the most solid friendships. Overnight your BFF can go from being your biggest support system to secretly being envious of you. Today we’re sharing with you the 10 signs your BFF is jealous of you.

They Don’t Bring out The Best in You

At the start of your friendship you and your BFF probably spent a lot of time having fun talking on the phone and sharing secrets. You couldn’t stand to spend more than a few days apart from each other. But as soon as jealousy starts to creep in your BFF whole attitude may change. Suddenly spending even a few minutes with them becomes draining. If you’re not happy being in your best friend’s presence because their attitude stinks, it’s a good sign that your friends jealousy is slowly killing your relationship. 

They Never Compliment You

When You Need to know if you look good in a new outfit, your best friend is the one who will tell you that you look awesome before you even ask them for their opinion. A true best friend will congratulate you, give you compliments and acknowledge your accomplishments without thinking twice. But the friend who’s a bit envious will hold off and congratulating you because their jealousy just won’t allow them to be some soon as happy for you.

Everything is a Competition

A little bit of friendly competition is normal and healthy but competition between two best friends can really ruin a friendship. If you start to notice that your friend is competing with you for every little thing, they’re definitely jelly. If they’re always trying to one-up you or constantly bragging about things they think they can do better than you! It’s definitely time to reevaluate the friendship.

They Avoid You

A jealous friend will slowly start to pull away from you. If they go from always being available to suddenly their schedule is jam-packed, this is definitely a red flag. When your BFF is envious of you they will hate being in your presence. So instead of hanging out with you and feeling down about their life, they’ll just avoid you instead. 

They Constantly Judge You

A BFF who keeps it real and never sugarcoats their words is something we all need in our lives. There are enough people out there who will tell you what you want to hear and when it comes to a real best friend, they’ll give it to you straight up. But there’s a huge difference between giving constructive criticism and passing judgment. If you’re BFF is constantly judging everything you say and do, you definitely have a jealous friend in your life.

They Make Fun of You

Finding a BFF who has the same sense of humor as you is like hitting the jackpot. If the two of you can laugh and joke around about the silliest things, it’s a sign of an awesome friendship. But if your BFF is constantly mocking you and if you’re always the butt of the joke, this isn’t a good sign a jealous. And toxic friendship will try to put you down and belittle you to make themselves feel better.

They Never Help You

When you’re in a bind a real BFF will always come to the rescue. Whether you’re stranded on the side of the road or locked up behind the bars. Your BFF will move mountains just to be by your side. But if you’ve noticed that your bestie is never there when you really need them, we hate to break it to you but your friend is totally jealous. They’d rather see you suffer and struggle than to lend a helping hand.

Their Happiness is Fake

Jealous BFF will try their hardest to appear to be happy when they hear all about your good news but they can’t even fake their sincerity. Start paying close attention to the way your friend interacts with you when you tell them you just aced your math test or you landed a brand new job. If they give you a fake smile and a weak hug, there’s a good chance they’re jealous and they can’t even hide it. 

They Copy Everything You Do

You may be flattered that your BFF wants to dress like you, talk like you and act like you but don’t be too flattered by their actions. Everyone should embrace their own style and their own identity. So you should definitely be leery of a copycat BFF. If your bestie has morphed into your twin overnight, it’s a sign of they’re envious of you. And jealous friend doesn’t just want to copy you, they want to be you. 

They Spread Gossip

A real friend would never dream of spreading rumors and gossiping about you. Your true BFF will always keep your lips sealed about your life and their personal business no matter what. So if you discover that your bestie has loose lips and she’s telling your entire town all your private information, it’s not only is she a sucky friend but she’s also jealous of you. You wouldn’t put up with one of your enemies gossiping about you, right? So you shouldn’t allow your BFF to betray you in this way either. Now’s the time to cut them out of your life forever.


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